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Please specify on the PayPal or Bitcoin form if you would like your donation to go to Hilantagaan Island Elementary School or to The Anda Braves Baseball Program. We will apply it accordingly. Thanks!

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Kids to the Dentist

Children's Dental Program - World Aid

Yep, we're pulling teeth.

Most children on Hilantagaan Island have never been to the dentist. We pay for transportation, the dentist's fees, lunch, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and ice cream!

Buy School Supplies

Hilantagaan Elementary School

Hilantagaan Elementary School

There are approximately 852 students in attendance. A large part of the principal's budget is used to purchase drinking water. We provide school supplies for the children.

Sports Programs

Keeping Children Engaged in School

One of our new projects is to help support the Anda Braves baseball program.