Bangon Bantayanons Volunteers

Collecting Relief Supplies for Bantayan Island - Cebu ProvinceCollecting Relief Supplies for Bantayan Island

Tuesday was a busy day at the Bangon Bantayanons Command Center. Goods continued to flow in from various donors throughout Cebu City. Two dozen volunteers arrived to assist with the sorting and packaging of relief supplies. Multiple MacBooks were busy working social media for fundraising efforts. At the end of the day, a strategy meeting was conducted concerning the upcoming distribution operation.

To Donate

To drop off food, clothing, or other relief supplies, contact Gail at 09989994245. The location of the drop-off point isĀ 24 A.Villanueva Street, Ramos, Cebu City, Philippines. You may drop off cash donations as well, or donate via PayPal on our site. We are also accepting BitCoin donations.