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Dental Program

Many children in the Philippines have never received dental care. This is especially the case of children living on the smaller, more remote islands.

A child with poor oral health is 3 times more likely to miss school and perform poorly. – Study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Bitcoin Donations Fund Dental Program

On Saturday, February 13th, we sent six more children from Hilantagaan Island to the dentist for treatment and care. Two out of the six were on follow-up visits for additional treatment. We paid for their transportation, dentist’s fees, lunch, ice cream, and gift bags. We would like to thank our donors and the Bitcoin community for their continued support. As we are a small charity staffed by volunteers, any donation is substantial to us and the majority of the funds are spent directly on our field operations.

Thanks goes to our volunteers who helped with supervising the children on Saturday.

Donate Bitcoin to Charity -